How to get Affordable Nutrition

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How to get Affordable Nutrition

Ok, here are some simple and useful tips to get affordable nutrition for your family.

  1. Whenever possible, buy fruits and vegetable that are locally grown and produced. If you live in big city, try to visit farmers’ market. If you live in country, find local suppliers.
  2. Look to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables as they are cheap and fresh, non-seasonal fruits and vegetables are always costly, as they are transported from far places and this adds to the price.
  3. Understand that food product ‘bargain’ may not be real deal at all. A longer shelf life translates into lower prices, but at what cost to your body?
  4. Prepare in advance. When we say it costs more to eat healthy, it doesn’t just means price point. Convenience and time saving is big pat of the equation that figures into the final cost.
  5. Shop more often for perishables. This can be time consuming, but the payoffs are getting something fresh rather then a week old is worth it. The nutrition that is lost to fruits and vegetables over time on the shelf is astonishing.
  6. Frozen meals are not cheaper. Believe it or not, you can buy couple of vegetables and grill some lean meat or fish for about the same cost as a frozen dinner.
  7. Go nuts. Shop for fresh, preferably raw nuts. They are filling, delicious, and they beat any other snack hands down.
  8. Re-prioritize. You may have to put in a little more time or, in some cases.

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