Tips on Reducing and Relieving Asthma

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Tips on Reducing and Relieving Asthma

Asthma is fairly common health problem and can be reduced and relieved by various following tips;

  • Cut down on all dairy products. If at all possible, completely cut out all dairy food for at least six weeks, and you will notice a huge difference.
  • Radically cut down on wheat, sugary food and caffeine, fizzy artificial drinks, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, eggs, oranges and aspirin.
  • Try a large dose of evening primrose daily at least for three months. The benefits are often subtle, but can generally increase your health.
  •  Improve the strength of your lungs with gentle exercise like swimming or yoga.
  • Take a daily supplement of vitamin B12, C and E, plus a double dose of vitamin B6 daily.
  • Supplement your diet with calcium and magnesium, selenium and carotene.\Use allergy free bed linen, and once a month freeze your pillow for 24 hours to kill dust mites.
  • Fit vinyl or hardwood flooring if possible instead of fitted carpets, or use vacuum cleaner with dust mite filters, plus get an ionizer.
  • Try rice cakes and bread, herb teas, natural drinks and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase the intake of onion and garlic.
  • Use non-biological unperfumed ecological washing powder or liquid for your laundry.
  • If your child drinks a lot of milk, try some of the delicious alternatives like almond milk, flavoured soya milk.
  • A few drops of combination of some essential oils on the pillow of your child can give him relief.

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