This is something that really was a different experience

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                       There are alot of things that a person can read in the, Bible that we all read that someone had either talked to God, or have seen and heard Angles in one way or another. Then you can turn the television on to christian channel and hear the pastor’s, teacher’s, and evanglist’s talk about hearing and seeing too. But, i can tell you one thing, and that is i had heard Angles singing and this was no dream either it was in fact real.

                                             You see, I was raised in a christian home, but my dad and mom believed in correcting us kid’s, like the bible had told them to do and that sometimes that the punishment was a little bit harsh at times and that it had seemed that it was not fair either. Well, anyway it was so out of the blue how it had happened and that i was not the only person that heard it either. We, had taken turn to do the dishes and so happened that it was my turn to do them that night, and that i wanted to hurry up because that there was a movie on t.v. that i wanted to watch that night. Well, i had gotten the dishes done in record time, which that i had done about half of them and put the rest of them back into the cabnit’s dirty. Yeah, you are right it was one of the dumbest big mistake that i had made. Well, my dad had went into the kitchen for something to snack on something and tat he had discovered some dirty dishes that i had put back into the cabnit’s, and the dirty frying pans also. Believe you and me, let me put to you this way he was not a very happy person whe he had seen it he was going to give me a wopping of my life but my mom had stopped him from doing it.  

                                         So, he had given me a punishment ofdoing every dish that was in the cabnit’s and man that was a lot of dishes too.I had started doing the dishes over again about 8:30pm and that, I was a third into doing them and the time was about 11:00pm, and that my mom had came into the kitchen and asked me if i was about finished with them. I had told her that i was not, i had showed her what was done and what wasn’t done, so she had started to help me to do them. We was almost finished with them and that it was this time the time must have been around 1:00am to 1:30am. It was all quite and that we both was getting tired and that of a sudden that we had heard such a beautiful sound and that it was comming closer and closer to us, and that we could hear it still until we could hear it no longer. I was so scared but in another since i was not scared either, so i had urned and looked at my mom and she had turned and looked at me also. Then i had ask her ” did you hear that” and no sooner i had said that my brother came into the kitchen from our bedroom and ask if we had heard something.

                                             We both had said yes, so my mom had went into the other part of the house, and that the only tv, that was on was mom and dad’s tv in thier bedroom and the volume on the tv was low that you could hardly hear it and my dad was asleep. The tv in the living room was off, that’s the oly two tv’s that was in the house at that time. My brother, and my self went outside to look to see if there was anyone out there and that there was no one there. So, the three of us had stayed up untl the dishes was done and figured out that the only thing that we was hearing was ANGLES singing such high praises unto the Lord and that i don’t think that they had no insruments either it was just singing the high praises. I have never seen no Angles before and that there is no one on this earth could ever match the singing that the Angles could sing that night. The only thing that, i know about any Angles, is where the Bible talk’s about the that is the only thing, that i know about them and that, they can appear in human form too. Sometimes to help us, humans out other than that, that’s all i know about them, i will not deny them, or the Lord-God almighty either.  Well, I am going to close for now and that you all have a great night and be very much bless, and may God be with you all.


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