Imaginary Conversation

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Mother, How are You today? This is me, your youngest daughter.
I hope you are now feeling fine, no more worries, no more pain.
Mother, how I wish I can see you again, I miss you so much.
Mother, I wonder whether you can see me, there?
How I wish, what they say it’s true, that you can see me from up above.
Mother, I am married now. No, not with that guy that you didn’t approve of.
He is fantastic Mom. He is special. He took care of me. He is patient.
Hahaha.. No, Mother, I am not pregnant yet. I want to be pregnant when
I am ready.
Yeah, I know, I guess I will never be ready for that, would I?
But you told me once, that a child is a gift from God. I believed you, Mom.
Mother, did you know that I have graduated from my studies?
Yes, I know, education is always number one, you have always told me that.

Oh, Mom… Dad is doing OK, I guess…
No… He isn’t forgetting you. You are his first love.
No one is ever going to take that away from him.
Hmm.. I know, Mom… I know he remarried…
But she’s fine. She took care of Dad just fine.
No! No one can substitute you!
For us, your four children, you remain the best mother we’ve ever had.
Can I be like you in the future? I hope so, Mom.
You’ve taught me a lot.
Thank you for forcing me to cook, Mom.
It is now useful.
Mom, can you really see me?
I can’t tell you how much I miss you.
I can’t tell you enough, how much I need to see you one more time.
And I don’t think billion words can express how much I love you.

Mother, I want to be like you.
I want to love my husband like you love our Dad…
I want to have children who loves me the way we love you..
I want to have some lessons to teach to my children, the way you taught us..
I want to be wise, as wise as you were.
Mother, you are not sad, are you?
Because we are fine, apart from missing you.
We continue our lives, as I know you wanted us to be.
Oh, Mom.. this is not a sad tear….
It’s just that I miss you so much…
I know… I know you are fine now…

Heheh.. I know you have met Grandpa Mom..
How is he?
And how’s Grandma?
And Auntie?
You have your little reunion there, Mom…
I know in time, we can be together one more time…
Mom, I have to go now.
Please take care now,
Rest well mom,
Rest in peace….
I’ll come to your “bed” tomorrow,
You still love that purple orchids that we always put on your ‘bed’?
I’ll put a dozen tomorrow, ok?

I Miss you so much, Mom… and I love you …


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