Totally awesome scent!

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This Eu De Toilette has such a great scent, it’s like you just came out of your shower. The scent is so fresh yet natural and able to stay on your skin for a long time .’ I am quite addicted to this eu de toilette. It’s started when my sister bought it like a year ago, and well.. as a little sister I am always curious of what she bought and when she’s not a around, I used it 😛 It happens that I love it. The first time I used it, my friends asked me whether I just came out from the shower, because it smells so fresh. But I went out of that shower like 2 hours ago. Not to mention, the bottle it self is thin, so I can carry it in my small bag. So when ever I felt wanting to be ‘fresh’ I just spray this to part of my body, and the best thing is, it doesn’t stain on your clothes either! Nice isn’t it?

Anyway, when I bought the perfume it came as a small gift, wrapped in a cute white-yellowish box with golden ribbon, containing small eu de toilette it self, small shower bath (which is great to put on your personal bath kit for traveller), small bottle of shampoo (yes, with the same scent), and hand & body. All of those are in green transparant color except for the hand & body which has milk-white color. Now, when ever I am going to travel, I put them in a nice small bag and ready to go out with that awesome scent!

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