How to Have That Fuller, Sexier, Luscious Pout Like A Celebrity Instantly!

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From celebrities to everyday people want the perfect sexy pout! You can do this right at home!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Chapstick,or lip balm for moisturizing the lips, lipstick in a bare natural shade, a lip liner pencil a shade darker than your natural lip tone,

  • your favorite lip gloss.

  • a good lip plumping product that you have tried before, and had no adverse reactions, so you know you can go with this one.

  • Or make your own lip plumper right at home, lots of women are doing just that!

Step 1

Moisturize! Moist lips are naturally plump. Wrinkles, creases, and cracks from dry chapped lips only make them look smaller! Applying Vaseline to dry cracked lips has been proven to be the best, but you may choose your favorite lip balm, chapstick, or even Carmex is wonderful for hydrating, healing,and protecting your lips. A product with sunscreen is also highly recommended.

Remember, moist lips always are naturally plumper, so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Step 2

Lip Plumpers. There are two different kinds of lip plumpers available. The first kind has ingredients like Cinnamon, and cayenne pepper to irritate the lips and cause them to swell. They work really well, but the effects only last for 2-4 hours, and you must reapply to keep that desired affect. The ingredients like the cayenne pepper, and cinnamon irritate some women just little too much though, and they can not use these products. The second kind infuses moisture, stimulates collagen, and can even have long lasting effects. Many women prefer this type of product. They apply like a lip gloss, and can last for up to 8 full hours. Either of these products can be purchased at your local drugstore, or department stores. The prices are quite reasonable.

Step 3

An all natural lip plumper is honey, it softens the lips, and infuses moisture. Adding a bit of cinnamon to the honey will plump lips to the fullest, and is just as good as many of the expensive products. The cinnamon can be quite irritating the first time you use it though, so don’t try this right before a dinner party, or night out with friends! More and more women are making their own lip plumpers right at home, but like I said, always try the first time when you are going to BE home, and don’t have to go out anywhere right away!

Step 4

Lip pencils. If used correctly, is a great way to have instantly fuller lips! Out lining right above the lip line with a slightly darker shade than your lip stick, this method is used by make up artists,and professionals around the world. You can use a lip liner to fill in any uneven, or pale patches. Before applying any lip pencil, remember to moisturize. Lip pencils will skip, and the end results will look terrible on dry chapped lips. Moisturizing will help the the lip pencil line to flow smoothly making application that much easier.


Lip stick. Bare or natural shades are your best bet, these make lips look fuller, younger, larger, and sexier. The lighter the lip stick color- the fuller your lips will look! Darker shades will make lips look smaller. Roses, pinks, corals, and lavender, these shades are your highly recommended by professional make up artists, and even in Cosmo.

When applying lip stick, apply to the center of lips, and work outward. NEVER apply a perfect line! Use the lip stick to shape from the center out to the lip line. Add a subtle line of highlighter to the top of lip line. This enhances the fullness, and gives you that young, fresh dewy look.

Step 6

Sheer and frosted lipsticks. Apply lightly over your regular shade to instantly create a three dimensional sexy pout!

Step 7

Lip Gloss. Lip gloss instantly makes lips appear fuller, bigger, more luscious, younger, and sexier. Gloss helps to enhance even very thin lips.
Your favorite lip gloss also draws attention to your fuller pout, and helps to moisturize as well. If you are in a hurry on your way out, and you only had time to apply just one- choose gloss! It works every time.


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