7 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Blog

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Starting a blog is quite in easy task these days, basically anyone who can get on the internet get setup a free blog in minutes, and start spreading their voice around the world. But what makes the difference between an average blog site that anyone can setup, and one that has follows and plenty of traffic that can lead to a healthy income.

Although you might be familiar with the art and craft of creating a blog, it is important to learn the tricks of doing it effectively. Follow these 7 simple rules to create a highly effective blog that is capable of drawing immense web traffic.

Begin With a Useful Theme

There is an endless supply of blog themes out there, all with their own unique features. When selecting your blog theme, first think of what you want to provide to your readers, how you want to structure your page and the basic look. Once you have an idea in your mind, then begin to look, otherwise the task can become quite daunting. Think of having features such as RSS feeds, picture galleries, how many columns you want, etc. The beauty with the well known blog platforms is you can also add plug-ins at a later stage to meet your reader’s needs.

Regular and Consistent Posts

Would you ever like to read a blog that is not updated regularly? Regular updating is an essential rule for any successful blog. This practice will not only please the readers but also attract the search engine spiders to revisit regularly and boost your rankings in the search engines.

The only pitfall to posting regularly is the quality of your posts you don’t want your readers to start doubting you. So posts as regularly as possible to suit your industry while still maintaining quality. Also try and be consistent with your posting, for example if your posting daily try and posts around the same time every day, as readers will begin to expect it and regularly come back knowing there will be a new posts there.

Place Advertisements Correctly

No doubt ads are very important to generate an income from your blog. However incorrectly placed ads can significantly affect the revenue your ads can generate. Visit various successful blogs and note where they have placed their ads to help determine the best places for placing them on your site.

Meet the Needs of Your Target Audience

Readers love to visit the blogs that answer their queries. Always keep the target audience in mind and do your best in providing them with plenty of useful information. You can do this be reviewing other blogs or forums in your niche, or try sites like Yahoo Answers. Doing a little research into the needs and wants of your target audience will do wonders for the success of your blog.

Title Should be Created With Care

If your blog speaks about skin care products, select a title that is relevant such as Skin Care Essentials. It is still important to be creative however, you don’t want to confuse your readers or forget the search engines as this is where a lot of people will try to find you.

Follow the KISS Rule

No one is interested in reading lengthy posts. Hence, Keep It Shortand Simpleto maintain the readability and interest. A lot of readers usually scan content until they find something that interests them or if the posts are too long a lot won’t even bother.

Show Interest in Other Blogs

There will be time when you might fall short of ideas. The best you can do in such instances is to talk about other relevant blogs and send a link to them from your blog. This practice will help the readers get a better exposure, and add value to their experience with your site, providing they have relevant information and are not your direct competitors. Above all, this will initiate a link building process with the featured blogs and increase your presence and rank as a blog.

If you have a useful blogging idea, or already have a blog I hope you find these points useful in drawing more readers to your blog and help make your it a more popular, profitable and overall more successful blog.


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