Why On-site Hotels at Amusement Parks can be a Great Deal

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Many times people avoid the on-site hotels at theme parks because they believe it will be too expensive. The reality is that these hotels frequently cost twice the price or more than the hotels and motels in the area around the theme park. In fact, if you do not mind driving a few miles, you might find a room even cheaper. However, the rooms in the on-site hotel at theme park may prove to be a better value than their cheaper but less convenient counterparts.

Hotels at theme parks often carry the themes in their rooms.


Staying in a princess room or a Mickey Mouse room can build anticipation for the activities inside the park. These themes will not make the beds more comfortable, but they may serve to keep the kids from getting bored from waiting in the room. Having the various items visible from the park can also offer some extra photo opportunities without losing time in the park to snap similar shots.

These on-site hotels may also have more park information available.


It is common for all of the inns near tourist attractions to be loaded with information about the area. On-site hotels can sometimes have materials that are a little better than what is available elsewhere. You may have to purchase them, but even more detailed maps can often be found in these establishments.

Discount packages are often offered by on-site hotels at theme parks.


Travel packages can be a great way to get a vacation paid for in advance. The good news is that these packages usually include theme park tickets at substantial discounts. If the tickets are reduced by nearly 50%, this one savings alone can make your room in this hotel much cheaper than those in the area. If the tickets are not reduced, you may get some VIP passes that help you to be able to get on rides and into shows quicker.

In addition to reduced ticket prices, some of these packages include coupons for discounts throughout the park. Even meals can be purchased cheaper or be included in the overall package price. If the bargain is really great, it might be packaged to include travel discounts, too.

Staying at an on-site hotel can mean cheaper or free parking.


Most theme parks today charge $10 to $20 per car for parking. By staying on-site, this parking fee may be waived or be a one-time charge that is good for several days. The hotel may even offer better security for your vehicle than parking on the normal lot. The parking can sometimes be covered so that your vehicle is not only safe from thieves, but from the weather as well.

On-site theme park hotels offer easy access to your room during the day.


By staying on-site, you have the opportunity to return to your room for portions of the day. Since you will be within walking distance of the attractions, you will not have to make a marathon out of the theme park experience. When you get tired or at meal times, you might choose to go back to the room to recline and recharge for a short time. This convenience can be worth a lot to families that are already tired from the travel to get to the theme park location. It can also be a blessing for those who have flown in and do not have a car available.


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