What to Wear to Yoga Class

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You don’t have to rush out and buy special clothing for yoga, nor do your outfits have to match your mats.  The best clothes for yoga will make your exercises more enjoyable.  It is much more important that you feel comfortable than that you be stylish in yoga class.  You want clothing that isn’t restrictive.  Loose clothing made of stretchy cotton material is good.  You’ll be sweating a lot in the beginning, and cotton clothing tends to absorb moisture more than synthetic fabric blends leaving you more comfortable.  

You will probably be guided by your body type in choosing clothes in which you feel comfortable and look better.  Shorts, t-shirts, leotards and tights are all acceptable.  Make sure the shorts will stick to your body enough to avoid embarrassing moments in certain postures.  Avoid stiff clothing that will prevent you from moving freely.  Do not wear giant, baggy clothes that will prevent your yoga instructor from being able to evaluate your poses.  Wear shirts that tuck in so that if you do a headstand, for example, your shirt won’t fall over your head.  

If you live in a warm climate, shorts and tank or tube style tops will help you avoid feeling too sweaty.  

If you’re doing your yoga in a cold or air-conditioned room, long or three-quarter length sleeves will be helpful.  Cold air stiffens muscle, a big problem in practicing yoga.  

Make sure that pants are loose-fitting enough that if you do a split they won’t rip.  They should be a comfortable length that fully exposes your feet and ankles.  Make sure they aren’t so loose and baggy you are going to trip on them.  

Wear simple sandals you can step out of because yoga is practiced in bare feet.  

Remove any dangling jewelry that might get in your way.  

Some yoga students prefer to wear organic yoga wear that is pesticide free as compared to conventionally grown cotton.  Organic fabric offers the high absorbency and breathability of cotton, and none of the health concerns.   One supplier of organic yoga wear can be found at http://www.yogafit.com/articles/organic-yoga-wear.html.  

Beneath your yoga clothing, a sports bra is a better choice than a regular bra.  They provide support, but they move well.  They also come in breathable materials which are great for people who get overheated.  

Forget wearing your thongs and instead choose something that is smooth and will allow you to move.  

If you’ve chosen the right clothing you should be able to concentrate on the postures without any interference or distraction.  If they are also pretty and come in pleasing colors and designs that’s icing on the cake.


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