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Wed 19th November

Social Media Special

Social Media is everywhere, you cannot avoid it and as a marketer/business owner/manager and so on you should be looking to make the most of it.  This instalment of the Perfect Storm blog focuses on Social Media and will hopefully help you to understand the fast paced medium. Even if you are a Social Media expert I hope you find something of interest within these words.

It is always wise to start such things with a definition and the folks at Mashable have supplied us with a great article that looks to clear up exactly what Social Media means. You may agree or disagree with their thoughts, let us know your opinion.

Defining Social Media

Thanks to Mashable for clearing that up!

Everybody loves a secret right? Well MP Daily Fix have published a podcast that delivers the supposed ‘secrets of social marketing’. Take the time to have a listen, it is well worth it.

Secret Podcast

Like anything in life there are a number of faux pas when it comes to marketing with Social Media. David Spark at Mashable identifies that mistakes that you must try to avoid.

Don’t Trip Up!

What happens once you are engaging with your customer via Social Media? You are striving for that all important click through yes? Quite simply you want them to buy from you. How they get to that point is up to you but take heed of what Kevin Barenblat at Mashable has to say.

What Happens After the Click?

It is all good and well talking about Social Media but how does it work in practice? This gem of an article lists all (bear in mind that new outlets are being dreamt up everyday) current Social Media tools and points you in the direction of working examples.

The 22 Step Social Marketing Plan

Hopefully you have found all of the above both educational and useful! Now to finish with a couple of interesting theories based around Social Media.

Three Minds blogs on how Social Media affects our real life social circles and what we can expect from the next generation.

The Web Should be a Great Party Host

Ben Parr at Mashable theorises that Social Media will change the way we map history.

Changing History

Hopefully you have found this round up of interest and useful. The volume of online articles on Social Media is staggering and we suggest you use Google Reader (or similar) to keep up to speed with the latest news. Obviously the Perfect Storm blog will continue to point you in the direction of the best blogs, news and articles from the web and beyond.

Perfect Storm Digital can create and manage integrated Social Media plans for you and your business. Please do not hesitate to contact for more information on our services.


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