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World’s Famous Dairy Goat

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Goat also produces milk too and some people think goat milk is more delicious than cow milk. The fat of goat milk is softer than the cow. That is why the goat milk is digestible than the cow. see nutirition facts table one

Caring the goat is easier too because we do not need large cage and it needs fewer food. My lecture said that raising dairy goat is more profitable than raising dairy cow. A good goat can produce 5 l milk a day (depend on goat strain); on the other hand, A good cow can produce 60 liters milk a day.

In my country, only few people raise dairy goat. It is because our people not used to drink goat milk. We just take care of goat for meat only. The milk goat just produce few milk or only half liters a day.

Recently, some breeder import the top strain to our country. They use Jamnapari goat from India. The goat can produce 2 lites milk a day. Some breeder also care Saanen goat. Beside two kinds species there are dozen dairy goat species. I just explain six of them :

1. Alphine Goat

The origin of Alpine goat is Alpen Valley in Swiss. It color is white, cream, brown,  and white-gray. The goat horn is similar with mountain goat.The milk can be made into ice cream, soap, cheese and butter.


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2. Toggenburg

The origin of Toggenburg goat is Toggenburg, Northeastern Swiss. The goat color predominantly brown and white.My lecture said the Toggenburg’s face is similiar with a clown because two white stripes from above eyes to muzzle.


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3. Saanen

Saanen is the Swiss Goat where the habitat is Saanen Valley. Saanen color is white, cream and white gray.The buck has backward curve horn.


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4. Nubia

The goat come from Nubia forrest in Egypt and Sudan. The color is dark black and can produce milk up to 10 litres.It strain is resists form hot weather. They can produce much milk whether the weather is very hot.


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5. Jamnapari

This goat is from Jamnapari, India. It can produce milk up to 5 litres. The color of the goat is various such as White, white-black, white-brown, black, brown, white black spot and other. In my country, the farmer cross the goat with local goat that bear larger goat that can stand with our country climate.

6. La Mancha

This goat is developed in Oregon, United States. They have unique short ears and unhorned. The common color is dark and light brown.


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Some country also develop dairy goat such as American Alpine, French Alpine and British Alpine. They breed to find the best goat which produce more milk.


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