How To Have The Best Nails!

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Step 1

Getting that manicure is so relaxing We all love to keep our nails neat and pretty. The day at the spa you get your mani and your Pedi done. It relives alot of tension. The out come is great. You want to look your best so why not keep your feet and nails done. summertime is on the rise and you want to show off those toes and finger nails.

Step 2

There are ways to protect your hands while doing dishes, or cleaning the house. Harsh chemicals do irritate the hands. Try using latex gloves, if your not allergic to latex. Constant immersion in water can make your nails brittle and can break easily. Keep your cuticles clean they keep bacteria from getting under the nail bed and getting into your body. The best way to care for your cuticles is to push them back, away from your nail.

Step 3

Did you know, that the white half moon on your nails is a live tissue? So therefore, this tissue has to breathe. So don’t cover them . Healthy nails are strong ,pink. To keep your nails looking great you need to eat well. Be sure to include whole grains, and fresh fruit to your diet. It will pay off in the long run. Try moisturizing your feet and hands regularly. Remember, diabetics who get their toes and finger nail clipped by a professional you don’t want to cause an infection.


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