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History And Significance of British Military Swords

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Civil war has its special place in the pages of history. This war took place on the motherland of America which forces the entire America to take part in this battle and save their country. No doubt that they got the victory in this war but many of the people lost their loved ones. But strange thing during this war was that even than the unique weapons invented still Britishers prefer to use the British military swords. Let’s put a brief highlight over some of the detail significance if British military swords during the civil war.

British Military swords have played their special role during the civil war. These swords were of sharp blades which enable the Americans to fight against the enemies and cut down their rivals. There were numerous of companies which produce special military swords for Britishers which were equipped with unique material. Ames Company named after NathanP.Ames is one of those companies which offered their immense services to Americans during civil war and according to estimation they have prepared approximately 200,000 British military swords. Mansfield and Lamb were considered to be the second largest company for producing the military swords and they gave Americans the present of a unique sword named as M1860 saber. Additionally, Christopher Roby was another sword maker which arranges swords for military and army officers. But with the end of civil war this company also comes to an end. Emerson and Silver was another name in the world of sword making. They served the Americans with the British military swords for over 5 years and organize almost 50,000 military swords. Philadelphia based company P.S. Justice is also a big name which has also serves the Americans by offering those almost 14,000 military swords and over 1,000 artillery sabers. Tiffany & Co in New York are one of those companies in the present era which have enhance their exhibiting places with unique and ever ravishing military swords which at times has a huge place in civil war.

However, no doubt that with the passage of time all these companies have lose their place because as new scientific inventions are bearing their seeds on the warring grounds the use of military swords have also lost. But still they have a huge importance in the history because when we need to learn the history war than there discussion is incomplete without the debate of British military swords.


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