Love those freebie forums!

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Yes, you can sign up for company newsletters and get their free offers sent to you or you can just stumble upon them by accident.;

But the easiest and, in my opinion, the most fun is to check out the freebie forums.

There are just tons of offers listed by people that find them and submit them so we can all benefit. People also leave comments on whether they actually received the freebie.

I have gotten so many great freebies over the years that I have looked through forums.

Sure, sometimes you can get a not so great one. But, you get many more good ones so it is totally worth looking through these forums.

One year I got this really beautiful glass angel Christmas ornament. I have also gotten books, cookies, and calendars, etc.

Here are some great forums and freebie websites to go to next time you want to get some good freebies.

Big Big Forums

Fatwallet Forums Not all of these are freebies, some are specials.


Freebies – CheapStingyBargains

Freebies, Free Stuff and Free Samples

Freebies – SlickDeals

Free Stuff Times

Forum – Freebie Spot

GoFreebies They even have newsletters they send out with freebies listed.

World’s Largest Freebie Site

You can also just go to freebie blogs. That can save you from sorting through the forums.

The forums and websites on freebies are very well organized according to what type of freebie you may be looking for. And if you happen to find one, just return the favor and submit to one of the freebie sites.

There have been times I have gotten freebies that I have given as gifts. It is just fun looking around and seeing what you can find for free.


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