Proud To Be An American!!

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Image by author Bo Jack Express Photography

So you’re not proud to be an American lately?

God blessed America? You bet he did. Here’s a few things to remind you. How about the following………

Denver, Co.

The Rocky Mountains

Rocky Marciano

Muhammad Ali

Davey Crockett

George Washington

Martin Luther King Jr.

Colorado River


New York City

The Brooklyn Bridge

Joe DiMaggio

Babe Ruth

Purple Mountains Majesty

The Bald Eagle

The Pacific northwest

Lake Tahoe

Las Vegas

Hoover Dam

Pearl Harbor

The Grand Canyon

U.S. Army

Airborne Rangers

Green Berets

The Statue Of Liberty

Ellis Island

Aircraft Carriers


Major League Baseball

Hot Dogs

Apple Pie

Faith Hill



The Mighty Mississippi

The Missouri River


Golden Gate Bridge

The Declaration Of Independence

Ben Franklin


Jack Daniels

Louisville Sluggers

Hank Aaron

USC Trojans

The Michigan Wolverines


Ted Williams

Teddy Roosevelt

Fort Knox

The United States Marine Corps

The US. Navy

Send us your hungry,your tired,your poor

The Great Lakes


Uncle Sam

Abe Lincoln

Jim Bowie

John Wayne

The Alamo

The West Coast

The East Coast

Ray Charles


Thomas Jefferson


American Chicks


Arlington, Virginia

Santa Claus

Angelina Jolie

Denzel Washington

The Incredible Hulk

The US Coast Guard

The Air Force

Norma Jean

The Louisiana Purchase

The California Gold Rush

Cell Phones

Lynryd Skynyrd

Jimi Hendrix

The V-8 Big Block

Man’s Best Friend


Home Depot

Wal Mart

Henry Ford

Sarah Palin


John McCain

Taylor Swift


My beloved San Diego

Camp Pendleton

The National Anthem

America The Beautiful

Old Glory


Barak Obama

My Grandfather Who Was At Pearl Harbor Dec. 7,1941

Your Grandfather

My Uncle Who Was A Fighting Seabee

Vietnam Vets

Proud To Be An American? Hell yes

God Blessed America,You bet your ass he did.

Oh yeah,one more thing……..That big,bold boisterous red,white and blue flag with stars and stripes,the one you can see by the dawn’s early light,the one we proudly held at the twilight’s last gleaming,the one we so affectionately call “The Star Spangled Banner”. Stand up and be counted, and show that American pride.

Bo Jack Express Patriotic Division, we salute you. America!! There is no substitute

Bo Jack there is no substitute.


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