Why Men Cheat on Their Women

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One minute your man may seem loyal, sincere and dedicated to only you, but later you find out he’s been skeezing on your friends and relatives. This is a common problem many women have with their men. What a lot of women don’t realize is that this is not always a selfish thing and could be a huge problem for the men as well.

Here are some reasons why men cheat:

He just needs to feel good about himself.

Some men seem to be unfaithful skeezers always flirting with the women around him, but this doesn’t exactly mean your man is unfaithful and won’t be loyal to you. It can really be as little as a problem of them needing their ego stroked. This isn’t a knock on your affection as a partner at all; in fact it may be the opposite. Since you have been with your man through thick and thin and stayed with him past the first few months where he’s trying to be the perfect guy holding in his burps and farts, he may feel that your love for him has casted an undeserved perception of him in your eyes. It’s like asking your mom if you’re the smartest prettiest girl in the school, you know her answer will be yes no matter how dumb or ugly you are, but you also know she means it in her heart. Well men feel the same way about you and your opinion towards them, so when they need their egos stroked they may do their best to be complimented by someone with a fresh perspective by flirting with them and seeing if they get anything back and never having any intentions of taking anything further than that. Of course men are also notorious for getting caught up in the moment and acting like fools and this is where perfectly innocent intentions can turn into something that can ruin a relationship. This can happen especially under the influence of alcohol. This is why it’s not a bad idea to let your man flirt with girls online. This way he gets his ego fed and there’s no risk of slipping up. To make this work you will have to have one significant rule that keeps things on the right level. You MUST have his password and access to all his messages at all times.

The man isn’t ready to settle down.

Men have a lot of conflicting thoughts messing with their minds throughout the day. Most of the time it’s a matter of thinking with what’s above his neck and what’s below his waist. A man could love you but still desire to be with other women, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with that. Your man knows this and doesn’t want to lose you but at the same time can’t fight his urges so what’s he to do? Play mind games. One minute you’re his everything the next he wants someone else, but doesn’t want to let you go. I know this is hard to follow, but if you’ve been through this with your man you know exactly what I’m talking about. What you’re hearing is the man’s conflicting desires. He knows that he loves you but he still has primitive desires to “hunt” so he decides the best thing for him would be to satisfy his urges. Then once he pulls the trigger and tells you about it his brain steps in and reminds him how life was without you. The continuing battle can rage on for a man’s entire life, but as time goes on and the man matures the logical portion gets stronger and the more impulsive lower half starts to give in and saves its energy for much shorter and rarer spurts. This leaves you with the questions of if you should invest so much energy with this situation or if you should wipe your hands of the situation and if you’re both free later on give it another try. I know it’s not easy and there really isn’t any way to know if and when he’ll be ready to be all about you, but that’s what makes love such a complicated luxury.

Flirting with other women doesn’t mean your man doesn’t think the world of you but this problem must be addressed through rational conversation and not left alone without a conclusion. Listen to him and where he is coming from and be reasonable with each others expectations and limits. If you can agree on some limits and rules without having to compromise what you’re totally comfortable with then you should be able to save your relationship. If you guys can’t come to a reasonable understanding it is probably best to save you both some time and heart ache and get things over with.


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