How to Use Slim Fast Shakes to Lose Weight

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Slim Fast shakes are a great tool to use if you’re trying to control your hunger and lose weight. They provide 20% of your daily dietary fiber intake requirements, 10 grams of protein per serving and around 180 calories depending on which flavor you purchase. Here is how you can use Slim Fast shakes to help you lose weight.

  • Visit the Slim fast website to read inspirational stories from others who are or have used Slim Fast shakes to help them lose weight. This should get you feeling motivated and ready to get started!
  • Visit your local grocery store and pick up a case of Slim Fast shakes. You can choose from a variety of flavors, so just pick one that you think you’d like best. If you’re looking to save some money on your purchase, visit auction sites and search for Slim Fast shakes coupons. Occasionally you can also find them on the Slim Fast website as well.
  • Consume a shake for breakfast. This can replace your normal breakfast meal because it contains important nutrients for your body to help you start the day off right.
  • Have a morning snack between breakfast and lunch. A serving of fruit along with a Slim Fast shake or snack is a great choice.
  • For lunch, consume a meal of around 200 calories and one of your Slim Fast shakes.
  • Consume an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. A great choice would be a serving of vegetables and a handful of peanuts.
  • Choose a healthy, balanced meal for dinner. Try to include a mixture of protein, carbs and fat.

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