Washing Machine Meteor

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Washing Machine Meteor

(provenance explained and pictures illustrate the meteor’s reality)

Washing machine meteors have been around since washing machines were invented at the beginning of the industrial revolution. This particular type of washing machine meteor, which is very rare and often disappears upon entry to the laundry room floor and eventually turns into a fine dust, has finally been captured. Keep in mind that washing machine meteors and other appliance meteors have been the bread and butter of many a repair man.

The washing machine meteor almost eludes detection by seasoned homemakers and veterran repair people, but not the plumber!

Yes! This piece comes complete with its own provenance. The story goes as follows: Approximately 1 ½ years into the life of my washing machine (half of a stacked set of washer and dryer), the tub began to go off center. I had noticed when it was new that if it washed a load of towels it didn’t seem to spin the water out completely. I attributed this to the fact that it was a smaller washing machine, than normal. Eventually the tub came to a crashing (boom, bang, boom, bang) end.

I paid a repair man a $65.00 service charge for the repair man to look at the washing machine. I was told that both shocks had been broken. Looking under the washer from a distance, I could see the tip of something white. I asked the repairman, “What’s that”?

The repairman couldn’t budge the meteor.

He handed me a bill in the excessively high amount of $577.98, which included $376.98 for parts and $201.00 for labor, even though he did not do any repairs or provide any parts! He told me that both shocks had to be replaced, and that they had probably been broken due to overloading. He suggested that I call the plumber who installed the machine, so I did!

To my plumber’s surprise, when he took the washing machine apart it was obvious that the problem was a washing machine meteor!

My plumber was able to knock the meteor to the floor where he continued to go about the delicate process of removing it in its entirety from the washing machine, with little damage. He was able to repair both the shocks and put the machine on its road to recovery.

There was no charge, since my plumber was the installer. My hero!

This laundry room meteor, which measures approximately 4 ½” x 6” x 4” is framed in an impressive black 7” x 13” restored frame, which also includes the invoices. This framed material affirms the averted financial disaster.

This meteor would make a beautiful edition to a laundry room, office of a repairman, executive appliance manager in charge of product control, manager of sales, or a plumber.  Go ahead make me an offer.

These things do exist and can ruin your life in an instant. They do exist!

Please be aware that large deposits of iron oxide and pressure are wearing. Like all meteors, the life expectancy of this meteor is millions of years, either intact or broken down into particles that are not visible to the naked eye.  Don’t let an Appliance  Meteor ruin your day!

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