How to Text Message Jokes

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There are three schools of thought in the text messaging world.  Either you love text messaging and will text your friends and family every minute of every day about everything that you are doing, you only use text messaging for emergencies or for very quick messages, or you loathe text messaging and you never write a text message and you cringe every time your phone rings or vibrates alerting you that you have yet another dreaded text message.

One thing that most people may like to receive, however, even as a text message is a joke.  Jokes are a great way to lighten a day, get through tough times, and even repair friendships and drifts between people.  Everyone loves a laugh and a text message joke sent through your phone, iphone, or blackberry, can do the trick.  Another great thing about joke text messages is how personal they can be and the personal connection they can make between people, even over a wireless network connection.

When you actually want to send a joke text message you can do it the old fashion way and type in a joke by hand every time you want to send a joke to a friend, but typing in long jokes can be a hassle.  One of the easiest ways to send joke text messages is to sign up for a joke a day or a joke a week text messaging service.  While the joke text service may be expensive just think of all the people that you can forward the joke to and how it will brighten their days.  Have a laugh and download a joke text message.


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