Travel: Tips For Traveling To Southern California

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The weather is suitable for swimming throughout the year unlike some other states with the exception during the winter time. This is why people love to live in California and love to travel there. The beaches are exotic and beautiful. If you are in Laguna Beach, you will be surprised by many stunning views. It’s breath taking in California and especially at the beach. If you’re going to travel to California, you should know some of the best destination to explore. You should also know how to stay away from bad areas to avoid crimes. You would need to drive or rent a car in order to go around and visit different places. They don’t have taxi or limo all around like Vegas or New York.

When you’re traveling to Southern California, you can visit Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego. These three counties are considered Southern California. Out of these three places, Orange County is one of the best places to explore because they have many attractions like the beach, Disneyland, night clubs, dining, safety, and cleanliness. There’re many people in Orange County whereas there’re less people in San Diego County. Los Angeles is great too but the local can be unsafe, and there’re many homeless around the beach or downtown LA. The parking is expensive there and the traffic is heavy which makes it more inconvenient for a traveler.

One great asset of California is the beach. If you love the beach then you won’t have a problem finding one there. All the beach is on the pacific coast highway and you can even drive all day long on the PCH to see all the beach. The PCH goes from county to county. If you like to surf then Huntington Beach is the best spot for surfing. The water is clean, and waves are high. There’ll be many surfers there all year round. There’s also a strip mall right across from the beach for shopping and dining. The locals here are fun and nice. This beach is crowded most of the time. Santa Monica is another great beach to go surfing. The water is clean and the waves are high. Santa Monica pier has rides, restaurants, shops, and entertainers. It’s one of the best piers in California. Other beaches do not have entertainers or rides. This is where many celebrities would hang out. You might see filming happening there sometimes too.

If you like to go sightseeing then Irvine, Laguna Beach, or Newport Beach will be good places. The views are great at Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Corona Del Mar. You can drive to the top of the hills and then enjoy the view from there. It’s one of the best views in Southern California because of the hills. There’re no hills in Huntington Beach or Santa Monica beach. Malibu beach in LA is another beach with hills.

One place that you should avoid is Santa Ana city because the crime rate is high and the area is not that clean. There’re not many attractions there either. There’s no beach in Santa Ana. Venice beach has many homeless and if you don’t want to be bother then you can try another beach. You can rent a car and drive around if you flew there. The city is big and you would need to drive from one beach to another beach. It could be a thirty minutes drive. You can’t walk from one place to another like Vegas. Most attractions are distance from each other; you have to drive an hour from the beach to Disneyland. One important thing to keep in mind is that the police in California will stop you a lot on the street for a scan. You should be prepare and don’t carry things that can get you in trouble. Police are aggressive in Orange County, California and you should keep that in mind.


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