What is vitiligo?

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Most of you are not familiar with vitiligo. I can say even all of you don’t know anything about vitiligo or haven’t heard the name of this disease yet. What is vitiligo? In this essay, you will learn what vitiligo is.

Vitiligo is a skin disease, the reason of which disease is not completely determined. Most of the people are getting this disease genetically. According to the specialists, the most probable reason is anomaly in liver. Those specialists claim that most of the skin based diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo are due to malfunction in liver. Vitiligo doesn’t kill or cause to kill in any way. Almost all of the vitiligo patients are physically healthy. However, they are not mentally good enough.

How can we understand whether we have vitiligo or not? It is quite simple because there are very explicit signs of vitiligo disease. Vitiligo is characterized by unpigmented skin and milky white patches. Most of the time, those of the patches are symmetrically placed in our body. These milky white spots may be on every part of our body. However, they are usually placed in our soft skin. In vitiligo, melanocyte cells which give our skin the color of our body lose the ability of synthesize the pigments.

There is no medical treatment applied in vitiligo. However, in most of the countries herbalists apply herbal medical treatments. In Turkey, there are several herbalists focusing on the treatment or healing of vitiligo. Many people prefer using herbal treatment to medical treatment in hospitals. In clinical medicine, vitiligo patients are exposed to ultraviolet rays for specified time. Treatment by ultraviolet rays takes two or three months depending on the violence and severity of the problem. Besides, many people use cosmetics as the final cure.

I have been suffered vitiligo for years. I faced with many people suffering this disease. However, they are all happy in their lives since they don’t mind vitiligo. All of them are aware of the danger which triggers the vitiligo. This danger is stressful life. If they mind vitiligo, they are suffered to not only vitiligo but also other mental illnesses. Shortly, we are not damned. We are just patients, but special patients.


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