Ruby A Small Girl in A Small Country Singapore

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A couple of months ago, I gave myself an new English name, Ruby, which is quite obviously named after my Chinese given name Ru. Dear all, I’m Zhang Ru, an art student from Lasalle College of the Arts (my major is Arts Management) in Singapore. It’s been more than two years since I left my hometown Wenzhou, a fast-developing city in Zhejiang Province and I also lost three tickets for Spring Festivals to be with my family.

Never mind, living in Singapore makes no difference at all to Chinese especially very comfortable for those who came from Fujian Province and Guangdong, etc. As most of you probably know that Singapore is a small country with people from varieties of religions and countries!It’s a mixed tradition paradise. Among them, over 70% are Chinese (who speak English -_-). Yes, you are right, the official language of Singapore is English (They have their own expression and pronunciation which is called Singlish)! (here’s a funny video about Singlish)

What should you do now? If I were you, I’ll get a mirror and smile. My teeth looks fine but not healthy, indeed…I can’t tell how important having a good smile is to people, however, even if you are not a good looking person, having a healthy and orderly teeth will surely score you up!

Dental disease is very common in Singapore. I found most Singaporean love to eat spicy and very heavy taste food. Obviously it’s not a healthy diet habit. Especially they’re living in such a hot surrounding! So, drinking a lot of water is a basic requirement to keep your body fresh here.

I don’t love Singapore, but I don’t hate it either! The weather here is quite nice (26 C ~ 31 C), and through the whole year, it always remain Summer! Just don’t forget to keep an umbrella with you everyday, because you will never know when will the rain come.

I took some photos for you guys to see, most of them are around my house!


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