How to enjoy jazz

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So you like listening to jazz.  There are many different types of jazz; Swing, Be Bop, Fusion, New Age, Soft, Latin, Sambas, Classics.

Everyone has a favorite jazz musician.  I have quite a few that I like to listen to.  The advice I once got years ago in College, was that don’t just pick one musician to listen to.  Just because you are a trumpet player, don’t just listen to the likes of Miles Davis.  Listen to other horn players, singers, etc…

I happen to play jazz flute.  I know, it does seem a little odd, but there are quite a few of us out there.  Herbie Mann was one.  Rashand Roland Kirk was another.  I didn’t just listen to them though, listen to singers such as Ella Fitzgerald or even Frank Sinatra (always a classic).

My tips on enjoying jazz for the first time, is always go with a classic first album, and go from there.  See what you like, what you don’t like.  If you don’t like it, that’s okay, go with something that you enjoy. 

My classic first albums of jazz were: “Kind of Blue” – Miles Davis, “A Night In Tunisa” – Thelonius Monk, anything by Ella Fitzgerald but my favorite happens to be “Gershwin Song Book”.  Also a good album for first time listeners to jazz is “Ella and Louis together again” with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Turn off the TV, put in the CD, dim the lights and just chill out and listen.


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