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This is Lechuan Huang saying ‘hello’ to everyone.

After being a lurker for some time, I am just recently offered the privilege to join this fantastic group of authors. Excited 🙂

I am from Nanjing, but took my first chance to go abroad the last school year to London, where I began to feel that there ARE a lot of things about China that should and could be told to the world. I met fabulous friends there, most of whom cheerful and thoughtful, very knowledgeable and still open to new ideas. Sadly, sometimes information does not go through from China to Europe as well as it should have, people still do not realize who I am, what my country truly is.

I am not sure if it is alright to feel responsible for clearing up the image of China to the outside world, but as I am an economics teacher-to-be starting next school term, it might not be a bad idea to employ my professional techniques in familiarizing China to as many people as possible. And of course, to make friends in the same process. Search for Lechuan Huang on facebook and add me as a friend 🙂

Yesterday I met with a British lady who was working in Nanjing. During our talks she told me that among things she did not understand so well about China was this ‘face-saving’ behavior. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to go further on the topic.

Afterwards I read in a British teacher’s guide, that students might resort to ‘face-saving’ if criticized improperly. So face-saving is present in the Britain (and probably in the Western world) as well.

My question is: is there a difference between the Chinese (or East Asian) way of face-saving and the Western way of doing so? What do you think?


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