Rembrandt, The Final Painting

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Rembrant, the famous artist who wanted tot make an oil painting representing  the spirit of truth and beauty was his fame and his will and means of livelihood,

Dutch artist Rembrandt (1606 – 1669), who laughed his world at the beginning of his life and shone in the sky of his art unique talent, Vomatarth paintings with a barrage of money and wealth that Igdgaha by the nobles of the wide fame until he decided to live in luxury and marry a wonderful girl the beauty of the layer top of him and proud to buy clothes and jewelry and have a valid beta and wide .. but he did not expect treachery and loss of livelihoods and the departure of the people around him.

He did not listen to the advice of his mother that he has to work an account of the time, and not thrown his money right and left without the expense, he used to lend to his friends and who resort to it without his support to ensure their right, and did not spare anything for the winter of life and  hard days.

“Night patrol”

He was asked to board a collective of sixteen sovereign are the band guards the night, They are elders who love history, to hang in a room of their meetings, to satisfy their egos and that showed in the bravest picture, and asked for size painting a very large length of eight meters and display six meters and which he called “periodic the night. “
In spite of the threat of the officer who signed with Rembrandt on the board that the consequences will be bad if was unsuccessful in his portrait; but it responded to the voice of art and talent and painted as dictated by the sense of art, however, were painting great in his eyes but did yet attained their admiration at all, Some of them were drowned in the dark and focused light on other features, guided by their faces and what is fittest for the homogeneity and consistency of the painting, not based on military rank.
The angering officers and decided to take revenge and said rumors around him, also they cunningly planned disbanding of people and put him out for honorable artists.

In the meantime, the beautiful loving wife died leaving him the only child and a baby will unfairly written lines by jealousy, was the content of the deprivation of his wealth and his son if he married after her death, and that commandment shackled to his life and presented a big problem later.

He liked the nanny to his son by the passion and mercy and her quiet good properties, but he stood in the way of commandment that he married her, bad rumors are propagated and denied the blessing of the marriage of the church to live a normal life happy.

Because of decreasing funds and savings and lack of money; he decided to creditors once a bankrupt, and was once a harsh on the same artist was painting one day the most expensive and most valuable, and most of the cruelty that caused the bankruptcy one of old friends who have benefited generosity of its tender and that day was rich.


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