Sunday, December 17

Tips to Make Friends And Influence People Easily

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It will not work that way, you want to become friendly because of that reasons. The best way to influence people is by being doing what you think is right. Here are some of the ideas and suggestions to make friends to everyone so that you can win any political aspects. Show them what you’ve got, not your car, not even your properties, show them that you are a kind person, people can feel that even you don’t tell them straightly that you are kind.

Meet and Greet Everyone

Whenever you will go, when other people are  looking at you, greet them nicely. A simple “how are you doing” could make people realize that you are easy to be with, that you are a friendly person. You better approach anyone, even you are not saying something, even you are in your car and people are looking at you, you can wave your hands and give them a smile.

Don’t Act Like a Boss

When you speak to people, don’t sound like a boss, do not sound that you know everything (you don’t know everything, right?) Just share your opinions and ideas in a nice way, if people don’t agree with your ideas, ask them to share theirs, if you think someone has a great idea better than yours, respect it and make a commendation for it. An open communication can help you to become friendly .

Be Sympathetic and Kind

Assuming there was a disaster happened in your place, and you know people need your help, not money, but helping them in any ways.  You have to be with them and make them feel you are a friend that can easily count on. Be sympathetic, know what their feelings, listen carefully to what they say and do something, might be a solution for their problems.

The Righteous Man is the Most Influential

You can’t influence people if they saw a little mistake that you did, a wrong doings, bad actions, instead of they are giving their trust in you, they will just say, you are not a trustworthy person, because your wrong doings can put your reputation down. Be righteous all the time, just obey the law of God and government, because if you obey these laws, you are a great friend of everyone, and you can easily influence them to become a righteous person too.


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