Caring Inside The Nursing Home For Our Mother's

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I never really thought much about it that it may some day happen to me. Even though several years ago it happened to my wife. Putting her Mother in a nursing home  was one of the saddist day’s of her life. She was so close to her Mother like many people are. Her Mother had had a stroke and lost her voice and was paralyzed from her waist down. This happened about a year before she was admitted to the nursing home. It was so hard for everyone to try to communicate with her. Then the time came for her to go to the nursing home. We visited as often as we could. And from the very beginning we watched how everyone in the nursing home treated her. They all were so thoughtful and did everything necessary. A few years passed by and she passed away. The wife and I visit her at the Cematary often.

Two years ago my Mother was taken to a Nursing Home. Her memory is still sharp at her age being 88 year’s young. It makes it hard for us to visit her because the trip is over two hundred miles one way. I have visited with all the nurse’s and watched them how they care for those inside the home. And I have come to the conclusion that these people are not just regular people like most of the people I know but, Angel’s sent from GOD. How else could they do the things they do? I know myself pretty well and believe me I couldn’t do some of the things that they do. On a few occasions when we went to visit my Mother she had to ask us to excuse her while she went to the bathroom and sometimes she never quite made it inside the door. Could you go with her inside and wash her after the mess she may have made? Sure some of you could but, I bet even though some men would say they would they wouldn’t when it came right down to it.  My wife’s Mother had to wear a cathather when she became paralyzed and oh wow did it ever smell. Those nurse’s never blinked an eye when they came in to change her. My Mother has to use a Wheelchair and needs help to get out of bed and to be put to bed so it makes it hard for anyone that has to lift her. She has a broken hip besides her back hurts her all the time. So thus my conclusion that they are indeed Angel’s from heaven. God must have put his arm around them and told them that they were very special people and he had plans for them so he sent them down to earth to help with these poor and hurtful people. When you are ready to leave and go back to your warm and cozy home make sure you not only give your Mother or Father or the person that you were visiting a huge hug and kiss but, also give a nurse a hug and Thank her or him for what she or he has and is doing for all those people that we love.

I am telling you to Please if you or someone you may know that has a Mother or Father in a Nursing Home to Please go visit as often as you can. You can take them a piece of cake or some fruit or if they like to read or do puzzels you can take something to them to let them know that they are still thought of and cared for even though they had to go into a home where they never knew no one. Take a blanket or a new sweater and they will remember you and what you did for them. We never know but, we may end up there someday ourself’s.


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