The older people are the future of the Internet?

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The future success of the Internet provided young people, but today more and more of the older generation, which allows a breakthrough in the World Wide Web – a show about the International Congress of the participants in Madrid. Vicki Hanson, a professor at University of Dundee in Scotland of the Pew Internet American Life Project, is cited study showed that the Internet is now the fastest-growing number of older age groups.

For example, in the last 70-75 years 45 percent of Americans used the Internet, while just 26 percent three years ago. Internet rates in the 76 years between 2005 and 2008 increased by 17 percent to 27 percent – Ms Hanson added Wirld Wide Web, the 18th Congress, which will consult to Friday in the Spanish capital.

Great Britain, the older age groups observed the same development – says Andrew Arch, the World Wide Web, the development of international standards dealing with the most important international organization, the Wirld Wide Web Consortium (W3C) researcher. “This is the net use the same category as the others: to communicate and inform, but never buy, and the management of bank accounts” – to explain Arch, whose area of expertise is how to reach the elderly and disabled people to the Internet.

The Pew study found that people 64 years and above is mainly to send and receive e-mails, the Internet application. But the seniors, the young people much less familiar with online shopping, which is the number of elderly persons who use the Community sites, very small – this is demonstrated by the survey. “The world is not the Twitter” – Ms Hanson said today’s six million people by referring to microblog site.

The Twitter network members to send free text messages to each other more than 140 characters. Growing popularity of the site since it was established in August 2006, for example, are increasingly popular means of communication among the celebrities.

The proportion of 60 years and older will grow in the coming years, in 2050-is already the world’s population will represent 20 per cent. As more and retire later, the experts of the Internet population explosion rate to accrue. This age group of health problems, however, limiting factors are: they are worse for the user to see, move. Andrew Arch, the modest cost of web portals to facilitate the use of the net for the older age group, for example, by increasing the size of the characters and the contrast enhancing.

The researchers of today’s typical web developer of the classic is not yet aware of how the population is aging rapidly, but the new situation to adapt to everyone’s benefit, because, ultimately, all using the World Wide Web becomes easier to treat. This is a very large number of people affected by a company called comScore survey by the World Wide Web, has recently exceeded the number of users in one billionth.


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