Mr. Obama Visits Mexico. Why Crimes and Drugs today are Destroying Mexico?

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The bold truth     (part two)

Today Mexican people keep in their brains only the lies that Televisa have told them for more than 70 years. Yes! Only those lies. Televisa is the only Mexican university.  I think you do not believe me, therefore, I have to show you a good example: In the 2000, the USA told to the PRI leaders that they have to allow the opposition party to win elections. PRI leaders disagree with that order, but they had not choices, and they allowed to an uneducated candidate, and a former Coca-Cola seller, called Vicente Fox, who belongs to a right-wing party, The PAN, and of course, a USA’s marionette, to be the new Mexican president. He was another bad and sad thing for Mexican people.  

Then in 2006, a “leftist” candidate, Lopez Obrador, who was the governor of Mexico City, and a very popular and decent man, was ahead by 10 points in each surveys. His closer rival was a right-wing, Felipe Calderon, from the PAN. Everybody knew that Lopez Obrador would win.  But something incredible happened: Televisa decided to put his teaching at work. Televisa Knows Mexico better than anybody else. It has been Mexico’s teacher for almost 100 years.  80% of Mexican population watch it and listen to its 120 radio stations every second.  Each corner of this poor country has a Televisa station. And of course, what Televisa says is what Mexico repeat.  Mexico is Televisa’s echo.

Do you want to know the name of the last Television and Radio Regulations in Mexico? You got it! Ley Televisa (it means: Televisa’s Law), because it was made to please Televisa.  I think now you get an idea of what I am talking about. Could you image the power of manipulation that Televisa has in a country where people don‘t read?  It is huge!  All that power went against Lopez Obrador a month before the elections day.  I was there; I know what I am talking about.

Before 2006 Mexican elections, I can swear to you that maybe 1% of Mexican population knew something about Mr. Hugo Chavez. However, Televisa in combination with the PAN leaders, the businessmen and the Catholic Church, decided to begin a dirty propaganda against Lopez Obrador. They started showing videos of Mr. Chavez and saying that if Mr. Obrador won, he would do what Chavez was doing in Venezuela. However, in spite of Mexican people did not know what Chavez was doing, they began to repeat what Televisa told them, and Lopez Obrador lost almost his 10 points in that month of negative propaganda.  You could guess that he lost the elections.

Once Mr. Fidel Castro dared to say that Mexican children knew better Mickey Mouse than they knew their great Benito Juarez, and PRI’s bureaucrats wanted to kill Mr. Castro for saying that.  Some years later Mickey visited Mexico City, and 7000000 (seven million!) were on the streets waiting for him. Televisa told them to be there.   Believe me, there are not seven million people in Mexico who could tell you what Benito Juarez did for their country.  This is Mexico.   

To me, watching that kind of manipulation was something amazing!  That Televisa’s manipulation and A BAREFACED, SHAMELESS FRAUD Put Felipe Calderon in power, and Mexico…close to the cemetery.  Maybe you are asking yourself: what about the Catholic Church? Talking from my heart, I could not tell you which one, Televisa or the Church, have made more HARM to Mexican people.  They both have the same power of manipulation, and they both reach the same amount of people [80%].  And they both always work together!  Which one is more corrupt?  I could not tell you.  Are you following me?  Again, this is HUGE!  Oh poor Mexican people!  

Some people that know Televisa and the PRI, from inside, have revealed that they both made a secret deal in the 40s.  They agreed on this: The PRI Mexican president called Televisa owner to his white house and told him: “If you manipulate this country in a way that help us to win every six years, we will allow you to do any kind of business you want with our government and you very soon will become a new millionaire.”  Televisa owner, as a corrupt congressional representative does, just raised his right hand and said: “I agree.” Today Televisa is one of the richest lady in this world.

As you may know, there is an absolute direct correlation between lack of education and crime. 80% of people in jail, in any country, lack of education.  I think now you can understand the real causes of why today Mexico is close to the cemetery.  
Mexico has not future. It does not matter what somebody else might tell you. This country has lost what it takes to be a decent and peaceful country.  Mexico’s decadence and devaluation is only beaten by its neighbor.

Everyday Mexico sends to USA the drugs that its children need and are demanding every hour; and The USA sends to Mexico the weapons that the Cartel Lords are demanding every hour to kill their rivals…the Mexican police and the army members. What a perfect combination!  Be sincere, and tell me, do you see anything good for Mexico in the next 100 years?   *Almost 8000 deaths since ‘the son of a shameless fraud; became president.  Iraq war is a game compared with Mexican reality.

Another thing that makes Mexico vulnerable is the lack of pride. Mexican people see themselves just as the poor neighbor.  That who lives in the backyard, in the courtyard, in the dirty patio. They do not feel proud of being Mexican, although you listen to their songs singing it.  They really suffer from low esteem.  And that is really bad for any country. They prefer to die crossing the border instead of fighting for their land.  Compare what Palestinians do with what Mexicans do, and you will understand what I mean.

Maybe now you can agree with me that Mexico has not future.  And in addition, the USA is still its neighbor; The PRI is there; Televisa is its teacher; and The Catholic Church is its pastor.   Yesterday Mr. obama was in Mexico and told to Mexican people on their president’s face, that he (Obama) could not ban the weapons, “because this would be an ’unpopular decision’ to my country.”  My God! Poor Mexico!  And its God is La Virgen de Guadalupe, no Mohammed.  Its future is already buried.


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