Jogjakarta Great Place to travel

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Have you heard of Java Coffee? If you are coffee lovers, I am sure that you do. But do you know where is Java? No, it’s not that script where you can put javascript language on your website, this is a place called Java. Lies in Indonesia Country between Sumatra and Bali island, and below Sulawesi and Kalimantan (perhaps you should be familiar with Borneo Island).

Java consists of 3 big areas (West Java, Central Java and East Java). What I am about to inform you, is Jogjakarta, which lies in the Central of Java. Why Jogjakarta? Well, Jogjakarta is unique. Apart from the things you might want to see there, Jogjakarta is the most city in Java that is very strongly recommended for art, culture and history lovers. Backpackers are welcome there.

There are lots and lots of things to see, perhaps you have heard about Borobudur Temple which was the 7th of world historical miracle, largest Budhist temple in Indonesia. Even the Prambanan Temple (known as Candi Prambanan), where you can see hundreds of small temples (the myth was a man who was in love with a woman was forced to made 1000 temples in a night, but failed and only made 999 temples).

For shopping lovers, yes, you can also shop in this famous city. Try to go to KotaGede, where you can find genuine sliver arts for variouses styles and prices.

Photographers! Don’t forget to bring along your latest camera to take shots of beautiful landscapes in Jogjkarta. Unique thing about Jogjakarta is, on the upper north of the city, you will be able to find the Volcanic Mountain of Merapi (which was errupted in 2007) and on the southern of the city, you will be able to see Hindi Ocean.

You have nothing to loose to come to this beautiful city. For over the past few years, I am always fascinated and awed by this city.


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