WALL-E: Movie Review

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I watched WALL-E and it is really a nice movie deserving the Oscar. WALL-E is a story of the future when our planet Earth gets covered with so much garbage and pollution that human habitation becomes impossible because of rising level of toxins in air, surface and water. A company named Buy ‘n’ Large (B ’n’ L) prepares a plan for space voyage for humans for a period of 5 years. It sends humans in spaceships for travel in space for a span of 5 years during which it plans to clean up the garbage and make Earth again inhabitable. It employs many robots called WALL-E, meaning Waste Allocation Load Lifter- Earth class, to clean up the mess.

700 years have passed and yet humans do not return to Earth. They are wandering in space for such long duration and generations have passed on the spaceship called ‘The Axiom’.

The story starts with a robot called WALL-E doing its daily duties and has survived for long 700 years. One day, a spaceship from space lands and leaves another so called female robot called EVE. WALL-E falls in love with EVE, but the tragic twists and turns start to occur in the movie from there on. Watch out this great movie to find out what happens in the love story of these to robot lovers. Also, why humans have not returned to Earth for long 700 years is another mystery.

I loved the animation part of the movie apart from the story because it appears so realistic and the animators have provided very finer details to every aspect of the characters and the scenes.

I loved the movie very much and I recommend all to go for it, as it will be liked by all irrespective of their ages, whether young or old.


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