Crysis (PC game)

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EA games in collaboration with Crytek have given the gamers a gem of a shooter game that has caught the attention of gamers all around the world. I just got the opportunity to play the game last month itself and it was truly a great experience.
The storyline starts when a group of scientists discover something while digging in an island in Philippines which has arisen interest from the Korean government. Korean army has set up base on that island and taken the scientists as hostage. A group of U.S. soldiers sent to the island to rescue the hostages. The soldiers have been equipped with a specially made suit which provides them a number of superhuman abilities such as-
1. Maximum speed- increases the speed of the player,
2. Maximum strength- increases the muscle power so that you can jump higher than normal,
3. Maximum armor- protects you better from bullets and grenades, and
4. Cloak- gets you invisible so that you can move out of tough situations or sneak into enemy camps undetected.
These superhuman powers are meant to make the situation fair as the missions are difficult. When the soldiers reach the island they find that things are more complex than they thought. Then weird things start to take place.
In many situations, you get well out-numbered and that is why you need to play the game with clever moves. Stealth is important as well as precise aiming. You need to be quick to react and use your special abilities very judiciously. For example, when you are out-numbered better to cloak and get away from the situation for some time to recover.
High class graphics and beautiful scenic scenarios make the game more enjoyable. Sound and gaming features are extremely good. Gamers will find it very ‘addicting’ and each time they finish a level they just can’t stop themselves from playing the next. It has a lot of differences from any other mission games and is surely going to entertain.  I play it on my PC with a 2.4 GHz AMD Athlon Dual Core processor, 2 GB DDR2 RAM and nVIDIA 7300GT graphics card, and the game runs smooth if played on low graphics detail.

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