How To Buy Food

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Buying food

Eating food is very important for the well being of the entire family. Careful selection is required, but price consideration is a prime factor as well in todays economy. Often times the highest priced food may not be of the greatest nutritive value, for example low priced vegetables has the same vitamins as the expensive one, the whole grain cereals are far superior in nutrients rather than the packaged ones which are more expensive.

One of the major buying problem is, whether it is more an advantage to purchase in large quantities or from day to day. A good plan is to prepare menus a week in advance, especially for the main meals, with the serving of lunch and supper for the possible use of left overs. Then only a little time is required to approximate the quantities of eggs, butter, cereals, nuts, legumes, dried fruits etc. needed for the week. The perishable items of fresh fruits, milk and vegetables being of necessity, purchased every day or two.

The next step is marketing, and here the buyer has the choice of making all purchases at the same location, or shopping around to find which market offers the best values for different foods. One may have the freshest fruits and vegetables, while another has better buys in canned goods. Not only must you compare the cost, but the waste involved, ther care of the food in ther market, and its dependability in quality, plus the time involved in shopping and lastly try and get all the major food groups.


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