Be Kind to Your Air Conditioner

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It is that time of year. Time to start thinking of how to take care of your A/C.

When it comes to a window air conditioner, the main thing you can do is to clean or change the air filter.

Now, if you have central  air you don’t need to call for someone to check it out for you. It is very simple.

Change the furnace filter regularly.

Next, you need to make sure there are no plants too close to the condensing unit outside. It is important for the unit to get proper airflow. So, don’t plant anything too close and trim any that may already be up against the unit.

Clean the condensing unit. All you need is a hose with a sprayer. Just hose it off. Including the fan. Make sure the grills are clean. Don’t get too close and spray too hard and ruin them. A semi-light spray should suffice to get off dust and leaves that may have accumulated there.

When you are using the air and it doesn’t seem to be cooling the house as well as it should, these are the first steps you want to take.

Lots of times you just have to clean things off so that the compressor does not have to work so hard to run and cool your house.

Another useful tip is not to turn the air on and off all the time. You may think you are saving energy, but you are not really. When you turn the air conditioner off, you are allowing the house and its contents to warm back up. So when you turn the air conditioner back on, the compressor has to work that much harder to cool everything back down to the temperature that you want.


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