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The blog is called This new blog features exam questions created by our members. They are all original exam questions created by ourselves in view of the current MOE syllabus. These questions will be posted online free for students who need help in their studies or need more exam practices. Answers with full explanations will also be provided free to all. Subjects available for now will be Maths, Physics and Chemistry. More subjects will be included if the demand for them are overwhelming. Levels included will be more for secondary school levels, with the upper secondary being the primary focus. Junior college papers will also be uploaded soon.

This blog aims to help students who wants to improve their grade in schools, prepare for exams or find school questions non-challenging. Teachers can also use this blog to help conduct lessons. They can download our questions and teach their students in class or ask their students to download the questions at home and submit their answers in school.  

The questions are separated into papers, with each paper having a total of 5 questions. Each paper will belong to the same topic in that subject ( Take for example, a student choose Maths as the subject he wants to do. He choose the topic on calculus and there are several papers in that topic. Each paper will indicate the level, whether it is secondary 3 or secondary 4. He choose the paper for secondary 3 and in that paper, there will be 5 questions on sec 3 calculus for him to do.)

This blog will be up soon in a couple of weeks time. Do come take a look , regardless whether you are a teacher, a student or someone who thinks he or she wants to improve his or her studies. Anyway, it is FREE.


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