A shining star of classical music sat on 21st April with the death of Iqbal bano.

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Today on 21st April 2009 the sun rises with the only thought about the land of Pakistan and that was the death of Allama Muhammad Iqbal on 1938 who was poet of the East and a renowned philosopher in all over the world. He was also the thinker of Pakistan as he was the first person to see the dream of making Pakistan a separate homeland. But alas today the has to set with a dim and grim light as today Pakistani people have lost one more Iqbal and she was Iqbal Bano The legend of Pakistan and renowned Ghazal singer of Pakistan. She was the bright star of classical singing. She was born in Dehli India on 1935.She was an outstanding female Ghazal singer of both classical and modern Ghazals.

She was an asset both for India and Pakistan particularly and for the whole world collectively. As she had the power to stole the show all alone. She had a sweet and appealing voice and she loved music with all her passion and zeal.

She was a student of Usatd Chaand khan of a Dehli Ghrana, who was expert in all kinds of classical music. Then she got married to a Pakistani Zameendar  in 1952 and she came to Pakistan and she sang ghazals and classical songs for many famous movies too. The following movies were included Gumnam , Qatil, Intiqam, Sarfrosh Ishq e laila and  Nageen .She was honoured to receive a honourary medal for her singing and melodious voice and that was Tamgha e Imtiaz ( pride Of Performance) in 1974 for her contribution and hard work which she had made to Pakistani music. .

 She had such a melodious voice that she could spellbind her audience and could make them captive for hours.


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