Natural Remedies for Relief from Fatigue

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Fatigue is one of the most common problems faced by majority of people in today’s hectic lifestyle. It refers to a feeling of weariness or tiredness. Fatigue can be temporary or chronic. Due to work overload an individual has to sacrifice his rest and sleep which may cause temporary fatigue. Proper amount of rest can cure this condition. If fatigue is chronic in nature it is however a serious problem which requires a precise plan of treatment. Chronic fatigue is caused by compulsiveness, a specific character trait. Generally people who are perfectionists constantly feel that they cannot take rest until they finish everything that needs to be done at one time. Due to this they are not able to take rest unless they complete their whole work no matter how tired they may be.

Lowered vitality due to wrong eating habits is considered to be one of the principal causes of fatigue. Continuous use of refined foods such as white flour products, white sugar, preserved as well as tin and processed foods may deprive the body of the essential vitamins and minerals which may cause fatigue. Such foods lead to obesity, nervousness, tiredness and a host of other complaints prevalent today.

Fatigue may also be caused by certain diseases such as anemia. Deficiencies of vitamins and iron may lead to anemia due to which there is constant feeling of tiredness and mental depression. Other diseases which cause fatigue are lack of proper sleep or insomnia, thyroid, any infection within the body, blood pressure and low blood sugar or allergies caused by certain foods or drugs. Along with all these diseases mental stress and tensions are also responsible for causing fatigue.

Nature Cure for Fatigue: The first essential step in dealing with fatigue is to take a proper food rich in various vitamins nutrients and minerals. For this purpose small mid meals should be taken and a proper diet planning should be done. These mid meals should consist of vegetable or fresh fruit juices, fresh or dried fruits and a small sandwich of whole grain bread or raw vegetables. Less amount of food should be consumed during these meals and they should be small. A specific time should be fixed for taking these meals.

The patient should also take a healthy diet made up of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and seeds. Sprouts are an excellent source of all available proteins and vitamins. In addition to these foods the patient can also supplement his daily needs with foods such as milk, honey and cold pressed unrefined vegetable oil.

Natural mineral and vitamin supplements should also be taken by the patient. It is an effective measure against nutritional deficiencies which are considered to be the primary cause of fatigue. Exhaustion of adrenal glands is associated with the deficiency of vitamins such as pantothenic acid and Vitamin B. The entire group of B complex vitamins helps to overcome fatigue by increasing energy and nourishing and regulating the glands. Foods rich in Vitamin B are milk, whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables, banana, rice polishing, pulses, yeast and peas.

In addition to vitamins minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and zinc are also helpful in overcoming fatigue. Green vegetables are a rich source of these minerals and should be consumed adequately.

Raw vegetable juices especially carrot juice taken separately or in combination with the juices of cucumber and beet is highly useful in overcoming fatigue.

Habitual use of drugs such as aspirin, tranquilizers and other drugs should be avoided by the patient as far as possible. The patient should also avoid foods such as coffee or alcohol, white sugar and sweets. They boost the energy levels temporarily but be soon be followed by decreasing levels of energy leaving a person more tired than before.

Thus we can conclude that fatigue can easily be prevented and avoided by resorting to a diet with high nutritional value which not only removes tiredness but also builds up the various cells and tissues of the body.


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