Pets of the Future

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Below are the pets of the future. What’s your pick?

1. Robot Fish

If you have a hungry cat roaming around your house, you might want to consider replacing your pet goldfish with a robot fish.

Aside from being a household pet, “fish robots” can be used in the fields of ocean development, ocean investigation, and marine environmental protection. The development of these fish robots also resulted to an in-depth understanding of fish locomotion which can be used in the conceptualization of future underwater vehicles.


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2. Robot Chicks

The yellow furry chicks can be a very cute pet. But when they mature and become chickens, they usually end up in your dinner table. But not this robot chicks which went on sale in Japan. These robot creatures, modeled after a 4-day old chick, react to petting and don’t need to be fed. Most of all, these cute creatures never grow up into something you can deep fry.


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3. Robot Cat

Say goodbye to Garfield and Hello Kitty. Japan-made “robot cats” act and look like a real cat, except it will not leave dead birds on your doorstep and will not leave scratches on your furniture.


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4. Robot Dog

Future dogs will not only catch the ball…  but will actually play tricks with it.


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5. Robot Seal

Sea lions, seals, and similar mammals are currently not considered as domesticated pets, but thanks to Paro – the robot seal

Paro is actually a therapeutic robot baby harp seal, intended for hospitals and nursing homes. The robot has tactile sensors and reacts to petting in the form of tail and eye movements. It also responds to sounds and can learn a name. It can display different emotions like surprise, happiness and anger.


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