What He Did To Me

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What He Did To Me

What you thought were bruises on my body the other day

Are burns that he gave me that won’t heal or go away.

He would tell me of the girl he’d had, how he touched her, how he kissed her,

Then he’d put his fag out on my arm until my skin would blister.

Not all the scars are from him, some were made by me,

I thought that if I hurt myself it might make him see.

But still the hurt continued, he slowly broke me down,

I cried so many tears I’m surprised I didnt drown.

So many times he cheated and said it was because of me,

He said if I was pretty or thin he wouldn’t want to be free.

He told me I was fat, that I was ugly and no good,

He said he had to stay with me because nobody else would.

Nobody saw what he was like when we were behind closed doors,

He’d hit me and shout at me, even threw a chest of drawers.

They missed my head by inches and they smashed against the wall,

Each time he gave me bruises I’d say I’d had a fall.

I never told people what he was like, I lived behind a lie,

I’d smile in front of mum and dad, but sit at home and cry.

Three years I put up with it, but now at last I’m free,

My confidence has returned and now Im back to the real me.

I hate him for what he did and for how he made me feel,

But its helped me realise that this love I have is real.

I don’t feel scared anymore, I no longer have to hide,

I’m stronger now than ever because I have you by my side.

Emily Warden. 25-02-2005 


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