How to Conduct an Employee Counseling Session Correctly

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Step 1  Prepare in advance for counseling sessions

Step 2  Hold the session in a private area. Choose a place where you won’t be

Step 3  Established a comfortable atmosphere. Emphasize that you are trying to help the employee improve. Set and maintain a constructive tone: be calm, professional, and focused; Step4Start slowly. The employee may be afraid that he or she is going to scolded or punished. If you appear calm and patient, the employee will feel less threatened;

Step 5  Described the problem in a caring and positive way. Make it clear that you want to discuss the problem and how to solve it rather than blame the employee. Assure the employee that you realize he or she wants to do well;

Step 6  Ask the employee to help you solve the problem or identify its cause. If you ask the employee to help you, your chances of solving the problem will be greater. Jot down notes and important points the date of the session and any specific agreements you reached with the employee. Also when employees understand you value their ideas, they are more likely to cooperate; Step7End counseling on a positive note by pointing out something the employee does well.


Always wear a smile when you deal with your customers. A smile will make them feel welcome amd eliminate antagonism. And beware not to intimidate the employee.  This will only worsen the situation. Always make him feel important.  It will not cost you anything if you’ll try to do all this things.


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