Travel Tips For Las Vegas

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One thing that you must know about Vegas is that the weather can be over 100F in the summer time. You’ll need to prepare for the heat by wearing light clothing. You can wait until it’s cooler to travel since it’s inconvenient if you have to hide indoor all the time. You can’t walk the strip and when you go out to the pool it’s hot outside. It can be uncomfortable if you have children. The winter time or spring is the best time to travel to Vegas because the weather is cooler. You can walk the strip and that’s the best part about going to Vegas.

When you’re going to Vegas, you should pack as lightly as possible so that you won’t risk losing your belongings or carrying a lot of things around the casino. It’s inconvenient. You would need to bring some extra food or drink with you to keep in the hotel since a bottle of water is $5 in a hotel and it can be high if you have to buy water for the whole crew. A burger is about $10 inside a casino and it can cost a lot to buy every single little thing. It’s wise to have snack bars or small packages of snacks just in case you need it. You do get free cocktails or beers if you play by the slot machine or if you gamble at every single casino. You have to pay for taxi service to get around and that’s why you would bring enough money for transportation, food, and all else. It’s costly here in Vegas.

One great way to save is to book at lower priced hotels instead of popular ones like the Venetian. If you stay at Excalibur, the New Orleans or the Terrible, the hotel rate is lower than $60 a night on some season like the summer. Casino like the Venetian or MGM can cost around $150-$200 a night. It’s best to avoid these casinos if you want to save some money for other things. You would do this if you’ll be staying long here. If you need to go around, you can take a cab ride or a limo ride. The fee is around $6 for around the strip without tips. The best night club here is probably the Tao at the Venetians and you’ll see many celebrities there too. The service here is great. The best buffet is probably the Rio’s buffet. They have all sorts of dishes. If you want to see free shows, you can watch the water dance in front of Bellagio or the Pirate fight in front of Treasure Island.


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