How to build a successful website

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Best Internet Businesses have an informative internet presence with high rankings.  Here are some of the website building techniques to help you achieve high rankings.

Step 1:  Find your niche that interests you.  Let’s say you want to write about Weddings.  There are tons of other competitors out there that already have websites.  So focus on a speciality within weddings, maybe theme weddings or castle weddings or island weddings, weddings on Mauritius.  But before you decide on this niche, get yourself a word tracker tool that will analyze this data for you.  You want to look for keywords that are high in demand but low in supply.  In other words, if you chose a subject that is high in demand but not many website really meet that demand, you already have a good chance at getting a high ranking with google.  So, research your demand and supply.

Step 2:  Choose one of the keywords with the best demand and the lowest supply and use it as your prime keyword.  It should be in your title and in your body text.  If your article is very short, then use it once or twice.  If the article is very long, then you may use it several times.  Try to find some substitute words if you think you have mentioned your keyword too many times.

Step 3:  Choose 4-5 keywords as your tags and seperate them with commas.  The first one should be your prime keyword.  The other keywords should also be fairly high in demand and low in supply and should be mentioned in your article to help your ranking.

Step 4: Build Quality Content and don’t keep it too short.  If it is too short and not too informative, Google will actually punish you by listing it far back.  The article should be very informative.  The reader should have gained lots of knowledge from it.

Step 5: Find other quality websites that will link to you.  This will tell Google that your website or article is high quality and deserves a good ranking.  A website should have about 3-4 good quality inbound links.

Step 6: Don’t expect to receive high rankings right-a-way.  Be patient.  While you wait, keep building more quality content with the above steps in mind.  Don’t add any money-making products or ideas onto your website for a few months.  Google will frown upon that and punish you again by putting you further back in the listing.

There are many companies out there that will actually assist you in building website to perform high according to the SEO model.  Some of them trick the search engines to receive high rankings.  Google is getting smarter though and is looking more and more for the honest website builder with informative content.

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