Travel: Transportation In Las Vegas

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You won’t have a problem getting around if you can afford it. It can be a bit costly but you’ll get to go exactly where you want to go. If you didn’t drive here then you’ll be using the taxi most of the time to get around. It can cost you a bit if you move around a lot. The best thing to do is to plan your destination and don’t move around so much. The great thing about the Strip is that it’s in one long line and you can walk or take a tramp to the next casino without using Taxi unless you’re in a hurry. You can also walk if you don’t want to pay $20 cab charge. It can get expensive if you move around a lot.

When you have arrived at the airport, you will get several options to get to your hotel. You can take a limo, free public bus, or a taxi. The McCarran airport is about ten minutes away from the strip and you don’t need to worry too much about high taxi fees either. Usually there’ll be a nice, clean public bus that will pick people up from the front of the airport to the strip for free. It’s there periodically throughout the day. You can catch that ride with your family if you don’t have too much belongings. If you do have many belongings then it’s best to catch a taxi or a small limo ride. A taxi or a limo will only take your family and no one else. It’s more convenient and fast if you’re in a hurry. This is great if you have small children or you like privacy. The taxi ride can be around $30 for a couple of people from the airport to the hotels including tips. If you take a small limo ride, it can be around $50 with tips but it’s great if you want privacy.

If you’re staying at the downtown hotels then it’s near the airport too and the cost is affordable. The downtown strip is close to the new strip. It’s about a ten minutes drive to the strip. You can take a cab to the strip and the cost would be around $50 with tips. There’ll be many cabs waiting outside of each casino. You’ll go up to them if you want to use their services. When you’re staying at the strip, you can take a free tramp from one casino to the next casino. There’s no need for a taxi unless you’re in a hurry because it’s a short walk around the strip. It’s also great to walk so you can see the exterior of all the casinos. There’ll be many people walking around. It’s a great feeling to walk around the strip. Transportation is not that hard in Vegas if you plan it out well. There’ll be many cabs at your service in front of each casino.


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