What is up with apple?

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What is up with apple?

Apple has brought so many useful things into this world: the iPhone, Mac (which i think are way better than PCs) and of course the iPod.

The only problem is that the work too fast.

I finally get my iPhone, 2 weeks later, the iphone 3g comes out. Then i wonder should i get that or wait a couple days for the newer version to come out(i’m a little exaggerative).

Then the iPod. I had just bought my iPod touch… i think it’s so amazing. then…. the 32gig iPod touch came out. Then i think, does apple do this to make more money, or are they just trying to annoy me.

Don’t get me wrong i like that they are making new  things its a sign of innovation and that we’re developing. But i like to have the most advanced but when they come out with a new iPod or Iphone every two months, i cant keep up with that. The only thing i can do is stand by while other people gloat about their new iPods or Macs.

My suggestion to apple is don’t make a new computer or something like that for like the next year or so and then release the most advanced computer of that time. everyone will want it and be in awe of how amazing it is.

And one last suggestion to you apple, is try to put a camera on the Ipod touch. it would be so useful.

Macs are amazing and iPods are the best MP3 players, and iPhones are revolutionary.


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