Sunday, December 17

The Truth About Being A Daring Kid

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                or…Does Crime Pay?

  Everyone has a story, a narrative or an anecdote about an unsupervised party in the cellar when they were children. Playing spin the bottle or T or D were fun when we were preteens. As we hit the “mall crawling/ driving the strip” years, many of us most likely got bolder or maybe just more creative. Here’s my little ditty. (is ditty a story or a song, hmm)

  Senior year had ended, most of my crowd were actually graduated. A few were headed to college and at any rate we were all going to be split up. What does any red blooded American teen do to celebrate?…PARTY!! The last “hurrah” upon us, knowing it would be a long while before we’d see each other again, if in fact ever, was precisely why we decided a big bash was necessary. A favorite place to go had always been a lake house … parents there you ask…pfft…where’s the fun in that? Very carefully & conscientiously, we moved “valuable stuff” to a bedroom & called it off limits (we were out to have fun, not destroy property). Being the very clever & bright kids we thought we were, (recently let loose with diploma’s saying so) food was prepared  for this shindig, basics like sandwiches, meatballs and pasta salad….’cuz we knew we’d be drinking and better to have something in the tummy to absorb the alcohol..(didn’t think of how pretty it would be comin’ back up)!

  Okay, now you have a picture in mind of the nice house, well fed talented kiddies all drinking merrily away, right? How many toast to us shots(never mind tokes) do you think it took before we were outside cooking on the barbeque pit and making a bon fire? Oh yeah, see I knew you’d be right there with me!! Now we’re telling ghost stories, complete with the one about “the crazy monk” (yes yes, everybody knows that story…fill in your own city/lane/woods).

  Whoo hoo now Suzie Q decides we should meander back to the days of our youth TRUTH or DARE..ooh ooh pick me…I’ll take a dare….. steal a sign from the lake. Now mind you these are not little tin jobs, these are solid wooden & beautifully hand-carved. I am up for this, oh soo up for it. So was Suzie Q, “they are really heavy & you may need help”, slurs she. Falling over ourselves through the sandy lanes we finally get to a “no doing anything involving having fun” sign. Then debated on the best way to remove this 3’x 4′, bolted with a 3”x 10” screw into a metal pole up off the ground by about 5′ bohemoth. (I honestly can’t guarantee the dimensions, it was a loong time ago plus all those toast to us shots may have clouded the already foggy brain) . Nonetheless down it came after leg ups, pushing, pulling, yanking, falling, laughing and every other silliness. The best part though was when we spied the cop. Nooo problem, we took our clothes off, as our underwear looked like bathing suits, we were quite confidant we’d blend in, plus the jeans & tshirts wrapped around the sign would camouflage it. Slier girls they never had in the Lake Jail. We got are 2 phone calls. Suzie called home…I called the lake house, being conscientious demands it…plus someone had to go get my sign!!

  Have a fabulous day everyone, I’ll just grab the wine (not shot) sitting on my coffee table; of course it’s the refinished lake sign (God bless old friends)!!


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