Get Ready for the Summer Heat

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It is now Spring, and the weather is already hot. Summer will be even hotter. Get your body ready to show off lots of skin for the hot Spring/Summer season, and enjoy the sun, sand, ocean, and pool.

Get the right shaving cream. An all-natural and organic shaving cream that contains almonds and fruit extracts fights skin irritation and soothes skin as you smoothly glide the razor on your legs. It will minimize cuts when shaving. It also smells delicious.
In some areas of your body, like the underarm and bikini areas, you might prefer to use a good soap that lathers well. Find a liquid soap that has ingredients like hemp, peppermint, organic coconut, olive and/or jojoba oils. Such oils clean and soothe your skin without drying it.

Wear your bathing suit and shave. After you shave, check your body for cuts. Rub some gel that contains aloe vera on these cuts. Such aloe vera gel makes a perfect first aid kit for sunburn, cuts, burns, bites, chaffing, cold sores, rashes and skin irritations. It also moisturizes sensitive skin or sensitive areas on the skin, like bikini area. You can also use a skin conditioner for sensitive skin to put on the inflammation, connective tissue, congested capillaries, and redness. It is also good for sunburn and various skin conditions as well as very sensitive skin types and skin areas.

Check your body in a full-length mirror again, and this time, check for cellulite. If you have some, get the cellulite oil that contains organic plant extracts. It helps to control the cellulite on your body and stop it from continually forming as it feeds your skin with healthy, organic and natural ingredients.

Throw in a scented suncreen with SPF into your tote bag. Make sure this sunscreen is biodegradable, paraben-free and eco-friendly.

Spray on some natural perfume that smells like a lemon and/or floral mix as well as contains organic soy, coconut wax, and/or natural oils.

Grab your flip-flops, towel, sunglasses, visor and tote bag, and you are ready to head off to the beach or pool.


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