10 Free Weight Loss Tips to Help You Cut Holiday Fat

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Whether it’s a summer barbeque or Christmas family reunion, parties offer a wonderful opportunity to forget about the stresses of life and reconnect with friends.  But, for some people parties can spell diet disaster.  Just one look at all those fried party foods, chips and dips, and high calorie desserts may be enough to melt even the strongest will power. Who wouldn’t want to indulge?

Attending a party doesn’t have to ruin your diet.

Here are some super simple diet survival tips to help you make it through your next party.

1. Never attend a party on an empty stomach

If you show up hungry to a party, you’ll end up eating foods you really don’t want. Grab a bite to eat on the way out the door.  A bowl of soup will fill the empty spots in your stomach making you feel full for hours and allowing you to enjoy the party without temptations.  Steer clear of sugary snacks like yogurt as they’ll only give you a temporary sugar boost followed by an intense desire to eat. 

2. Hydrate well

Often, thirst is mistaken for hunger.  A glass of chilled water will take away the urge to over eat and help you keep your cool in the face of so many diet temptations.  

3.  When you decide to eat, go for foods that won’t leave you with a guilty feeling in the morning.   Fill your plate with low calorie vegetable selections and then top with  low fat shrimp or broiled chicken breast selection, to make your plate look more full. 

4. Don’t hang out near the buffet table. All those yummy food smells may be just enough to break your will power.  Make your food selections and move away.

5. Don’t be afraid to defend your waist line if the hostess offers something you don’t want.  Keep in mind that she’s just being polite and won’t be offended if you refuse.  

6. Concentrate on your food.  Your brain goes on auto-pilot when you talk and eat.  Stay focused as you chew each bite. 

Use your party experience to feed your spirit not your stomach. Expand your social circle, break out of your bubble and have some fun.  Reconnect with yourself, not food. If you’re having fun, and staying active, you won’t feel like splurging on tempting party foods.


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