How to Keep My Love

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  1. Keeping my love burning for the one I love. Kindling the fire of love at all times may be hard especially during times of conflict, but in order to keep my love alive, I need to be aware every moment that without action, love will die and leave my heart.
  2. Being honest at all times to the person I give my heart. To keep my love with me forever, I need to be honest in dealing with my sweetheart. Honesty breeds trust in any relationship and I practice that diligently even when faced with challenges.
  3. Letting myself and the one I love the chance to grow together in relationship. I keep my love by giving him his space to grow into the person he wants to be. I also allow myself ample space to become a better person for the other one. Together, we work together to grow into effective love participants.
  4. Showing love and care every moment. Love without action is good as dead. I keep my love by showing big and little acts of love in every opportunity I can find. It is an investment that comes back to me a thousand fold while benefiting our relationship.
  5. Reaffirming everyday my commitment to the love of my life. I always say I love you each day to the person I love and care about. What is the use of words and feelings when I don’t express and show it? I let my love know how much he means to me all the time.
  6. Praying together to God to bless our love union. God is the author of love and the perfecter of love, so it’s wise to always call on Him for blessings. This is the best way to keep my love strong and lasting.

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