How to Understand Human Nature

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  1. Human beings are intelligent species but use that intelligence to hurt other living beings. With our intelligence we came up with great inventions, write comprehensive laws, explain complicated ideas, unravel great mysteries, etc. But we also harness the same power of our minds to kill, destroy, annihilate, and torture fellow human beings and all other life forms surrounding us.
  2. Human beings share similarities but think differently. People from all walks of life stand on two legs, stuff food in their mouth, breath through their nostrils, came from the union of egg and sperm, show pain thru tears, hunger for love, etc. We are all the same but somehow we try to bring ourselves better than others by the way we use our mind. We aspire to be different from the rest by acquiring more education, enhancing our looks, improving our state of life, and reaching more heights.
  3. We have everything we need for survival but still want more. In order to live we need basic things such as food, water, clothing, and a place to live. But once we have them, we still want something better, something more. We jeopardize our health, sacrifice our family, our relationship and our freedom to get what we want which in the end don’t matter too much at all.
  4. Human beings hunger for power and pursue it whatever the cost.  All throughout history we’ve seen how mankind covet, cheat, kill, oppress, and sever relationships to take control of people, territories, kingdoms and anything that they can lay their hands on to grab and maintain power without thinking who gets hurt.
  5. We make more laws but lawlessness increases. Human beings strive to eliminate hunger, poverty, crime, violence, and suffering by writing more laws designed to solve them but they usually fail in their purpose. The more laws created, the more atrocities are committed by human beings.
  6. Human beings are driven by greed and selfishness. We don’t like to share anything that is ours but want everyone to share with us. We want more but give less, expect more but sacrifice very little. This explains why the world has so much misery.
  7. Human beings hate to be corrected. We think that we can do everything right in our own eyes. We shun anyone who wants to get in the way. We fight and show our ugly side. We do anything just to prove the other person that we are right even if we are wrong.

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