When a bargain isn’t a bargain!

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Sometimes things just seem like such a good bargain. So you buy it and end up throwing away part of it.
So it really wasn’t so much of a bargain, after all.

An example would be chow mein noodles. The crunchy ones in the bag. The big bags never cost much more than the little bags so you think you’ll save some money, and pick up the big bag.

But stop!
Before you do it, consider something.

How often are you going to eat the chow mein noodles? Will they get stale and have to be thrown out before you eat them all?

Because if you won’t eat them than you should have just bought the little bag.

You just wasted your money. And who wants to do that? I sure don’t.

So no matter what it is : chips, produce, or juice. Think about how long it will last and how often you will use it.

There are always a few things that just don’t seem to keep because you can’t freeze them very well. Watermelon, is great. But think before you buy a big whole 25 pound one. Can you and your family eat the whole thing within a week? If not, buy a smaller one or a part of one.

We always want to find ways to save and love to find bargains. But you always have to think about how often you will eat or drink that food or beverage. If it isn’t too often, you have to have a way of storing it so it will keep.

There is an appalling amount of food wasted world wide. Just in the U.S. alone 30% of food is thrown out as garbage every year. That is a lot of money that is being thrown out too. $48.3 billion to be exact. If you’d like to read the article I got that from here is the link:  food wasted


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